Account is not allowed to Ads Creation

At the moment Dolphin has only 3 mandatory conditions for the admission of advertising cab to the Ads Creation:

  1. Created FP (Fan Page) for this account.
  2. The current payment (CC) is successfully tied to the account.
  3. Account is not blocked.

If you encounter such a problem and one of your accounts is not allowed to fill up for any reason, follow the following procedure:

  1. Be sure to check the token of your account. Relevance of data depends on the automatic update intervals. The data may not have reached Dolphin in time.
  2. In the interface of ads creation, at the stage of selecting ad cabs, next to the name of the account click "Update".
  3. Make sure that the payment is tied, update the data on your advertising account by clicking the "Update" icon.
  4. Make sure that you have created a Fan Page for this account.
  5. Make sure that after selecting FP you don't have any alerts (e.g. no FP has been published).

Provided that all these actions have been performed and no positive result has been obtained - contact Dolphin technical support