I do not see any statistics. What's wrong?

Reason # 1

Perhaps the account did not validate its token. Check if your account has data in the Facebook profile column?

There should be displayed the name of the social profile and its ID. As in the screenshot - http://joxi.ru/Vm6B1j7Hj4onNm.BIZ

If there is no data, then click Actions - Check Token.

If the data did not appear even after checking the token, contact support.

Reason # 2

You did't manually loaded account's cabs list.

Go to the Cabs section, click Actions and Refresh the list of cabinets - http://joxi.ru/eAO9o81Ip93Ppm

If you do not want to update the list of cabinets manually, configure auto-update.

Reason # 3

You did not click the statistics update button. Click it - http://joxi.ru/5mdL6KMUe3wypm 022

If you do not want to constantly press this button, then configure auto-update data

Reason # 4

If the first three reasons do not fit, contact support.