Server is overloaded

If you are faced with such a warning, then initially you should pay attention to which of the three parameters the load on the server is exceeded: by CPU, by hard disk or by RAM.

CPU Load

We highlight several possible causes of this problem:

1) The intervals for updating the data are too small. In this case, you need to increase the value of the intervals and wait for the update of the CPU utilization statistics (about 60 minutes).

2) Work of AutoFill at the current time. AutoFill is one of the most demanding operations, this function also includes automatic uniqueization, as a result of which the load on the CPU increases significantly. We also advise you to pay attention to the work with this function of other users of your dolphin (Bayer, TeamLid). To avoid this warning, use AutoFill in turn.

3) Small values ​​of intervals for sending data to the tracker. One of the possible reasons is the frequent sending of statistics to Keitaro or Binom. In this case, we recommend increasing the values ​​up to at least 30-40 minutes.

4) You have set any values ​​for the settings of the data refresh intervals in the old interface. The old interface does not work now, but some of its parameters can affect the server load, so we recommend that you disable everything in the old interface. Check if the settings in the new interface are out of order and if the global settings are out of order. To go to the old interface and check this moment, write in the browser line: - where is the IP address of your server, you must substitute your own. As a result, it should look like this:

If all of the above solutions are uncompromising for you and you are not ready to increase the intervals, to distribute the CPU load among the team members, we recommend that you upgrade your server configuration to a more powerful one. To do this, contact the technical support of your hoster.

Hard disk load

Dolphin uses the hard drive exclusively for storing logs and uniqueizing creatives. In the case of logs, Dolphin deletes them every day, so there should be no problems with the HDD. With creatives, the situation is the same: a picture or video goes to the railway of your VDS, is uniqueized by the scripts of our service and is deleted after the upload to the advertising office.

RAM load

It is quite rare, all possible problems with exceeding the RAM load have already been resolved. In case you still encounter such a warning and it is the RAM that is overloaded, we recommend that you urgently contact Dolphin technical support.