Setting up postback in Dolphin

One way or another, it becomes necessary to set up postbacks to Dolphin from affiliates or trackers. In this manual, we will take a closer look at how to set up a postback from any AP in Dolphin, similarly this instruction is suitable for s2s postback for Keitaro / Binom.

1. Specify in the AP the parameters of the global postback, which tags and macros are used by the affiliate network. For example, in AP M1 it looks like this:

2. Register them on your Dolphin server. Please note that it is imperative that the macro of your ad must be passed to the FB. Usually it is passed through the S label. Check with the support of your affiliate program or the tracker administrator in which label the macro is passed, if you do not know which label it goes to. Thanks to this link, you will be able to see the profit for the ad and, accordingly, adsets, campaigns right in Dolphin.

3. The link, which in the “Ready URL” add to the settings of the global postback in your AP and in the postback of your AC in the tracker. Example in M1:

4. Do a postback test. Modifying the link to generate a lead and payout:

  • we take any of those that you already have in Dolphin, and we generate the rest of the parameters as we wish, the main thing is to check the postback processing (this is not the only way, but a working 100%):

  • We put down the parameters for the test in the same fields as during the initial setup:

  • We register the resulting link in the browser and wait for the postback to work:

5. If the status is success true, the postback is configured correctly. If any other, write to the support @dolphin_support_bot, they will help you.

6. Now we check the postback in Dolphin and whether the ad has approve:

7. As you can see, everything worked well, the postback is configured correctly.
Visually, the process can be seen in the video.