Initial Configuration

Step 1. Configure proxies and useragent

Imagine that Dolphin is the same anti-detection browser like MultiloginApp or LinkinSphere. This means that for the most secure work with accounts, you will also need to specify a proxy and useragent.

However, to use proxy / useragent or not is your solution. By default, the system is configured so that when requesting the FB API, the server IP is used without useragent.

To enable the proxy / useragent option, just specify them when adding an account.

Step 2. Configure data auto-update

Initially, the system is configured so that any data from FB can only be obtained manually:

  • Check accounts' tokens
  • Get an up-to-date list of cabs
  • Get up-to-date statistics
  • Clear comments

If you need this automation, go to the "Settings" => "Update FB Data" section and configure the actions you need. This section is accompanied by detailed setup help.

Step 3. Set up notifications in Telegram

Go to the "Settings" => "Notifications" section and configure the notifications in Telegram. Get the key in the bot and add it to the appropriate field.

Step 4. Finish

If you have any questions during the work, immediately contact support, telegram - @dolphin_support_bot