How to add a proxy

Where to add proxies?

You need to go to Ads Manager 2.0, on the left in the menu, select the "Proxies" tab, after which a page will open, in the future, which will contain all your existing proxies that can be added, removed and shared with your team.

How do I add a proxy?

In this interface, in the upper right corner, click on 'Add proxies', then enter them in the drop-down field, and then click add. If at the beginning you do not specify the type of proxy, the system will take them for HTTP, so do not forget to change the type to After that, select the previously added proxies and click "Check" in the upper left corner. If everything is in order, it will show the status "Active", if the status is "Error", then check if you entered everything correctly and selected the correct proxy type.

Currently, our service ALREADY SUPPORTS IPv6 proxies. Feel free to use.

How to link a proxy to an account?

In Ads Manager 2.0, in the accounts section, add or select the account you need, enable the proxy checkbox, and select the previously added proxies in the 'Existing proxies' field, and then save.