Getting Access token from the advertising cab

Access Token is required to work from a Dolphin account. This is a kind of key that is used to access Facebook via the API. Below we will describe how to get it.

  1. Create a new profile in your browser and login to your account (if you use an antidote, login as usual), from which we need the token
  2. Let's go to
  3. Open the page code in your browser. MacOS - CMD+U, Windows - Ctrl+U. Or right click anywhere -> View Page Code
  4. Search in MacOS browser - CMD+F, Windows - Ctrl+F. Look for this EAAbs character set
  5. All content, including EAAbs, that is in quotes "" is Access Token.

Some shops sell accounts with ready-made tokens, but here you should pay attention to its appearance.

There are two types of tokens:

  • EAAbs - is pulled out of the advertising office and is static for the entire lifetime of the account.
  • EAAI - temporary token, becomes irrelevant as soon as you click "Exit" from Facebook interface.

To work with Dolphin you need EAAbs token!