Teamwork and user's roles in Dolphin

For teamwork convenience, Dolphin has four user categories:

  • Administrator .
  • Team Lead
  • Buyer
  • Farmer


This category of users can add accounts to Dolphin for their further transfer to buyers. In addition to addition, the farmer can perform standard actions: create a personal account, create an FP and tie the payment. Farmers do not see any statistics and ads on their own and other accounts.                                                                                                                           

This is an ordinary user who can use the service along with other buyers, but does not intersect with them (does not see any data, such as proxies, accounts, ads, etc.). Like other buyers, he can use the full functionality of Dolphin.

Team Lead

The head of those buyers, which was given to him by the Administrator. Tim Leed sees all statistics of his "subordinates", can add/expand accounts,
proxy between all employees of its department. However, if there are several department heads, TeamLead does not see any data about other departments, only about its own.
The number of Team Leads in Dolphin is not limited.


This user has all the permissions available in our service and sees the data on all departments and buyers.